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50 followers (ps Happy Halloween) 

Published October 31, 2015 by radicalmermaid

AHH OMG I HAVE 50 FOLLOWERS WHAT IS THIS. 50 actual people follow me.. I can’t believe it. Tbh when I started thus blog I thought I would just have that one follower who doesn’t even read my posts, but I’ve found so many supportive and great people!! AHH I STILL CANT GET OVER THIS. THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT FOLLOWS ME💜💜💜💜

Also on another note HAPPY HALLOWEEN🎃🎃 Tonight I was suppose to go over to a friends for a party but I got sick so I’m spending Halloween eating chocolate and watching movies with Ma mum👌🏼 hope that y’all having a good night



dance dance👯👯

Published October 29, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Okay so on Tuesday night I had my dance concert *whoooooooo*. I was actually so scared before but it was super fun.

After school (before the concert) all the girls in my dance went down the street and we had subway and talked. Like literally we are all from different friendship circles so it was nice to spend time with them. They are actually super nice.Then we went to the shop and bought sparkles for our faces!! When we got back to school it was a mess! Like imagine 20 girls stripping down there school uniforms and into dance costumes < okay that sounded really weird. But the room was an explosion of clothes and makeup. People were madly rushing everywhere looking for their leotards or fake eyelashes.

So I had three dances my first one was a trio ( salut by little mix) we did an army style dance so we wore camo leggings and black tops with camo paint. It was hip hop and really fun, even though I suck at hip hop

My next routine was a group (ain’t no mountain high enough) we wore black leggings and pretty pink flowing shirt with sparkles on my face. I felt like a fairy, I loved it! Oh god I’m such a girl.

My last routine was a solo ( say something) and that was really fun too! I mean the song was obviously sad but I just loved dancing. I had this really pretty blue costume with flowers in my hair and sparkles on my face (again)

I mean I stuffed up once but that’s okay because I had so much fun dancing! And I’ve actually meet some really nice people. Like some of the “popular” girls actually acknowledge me in the hallways, which I don’t particularly mind but it’s nice.

Anyway love ya😽

// lifes hard moments// 

Published October 21, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Today I realised I’m the biggest hypocrite of them all.

I tell everyone to keep holding on that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That everything gets better as long as you continue to wait.

I always tell people to have hope. Hope that’s such a strong word. I constantly tell people they need to keep trying, it’s too early to give up. That they have so much to live for. Everyone has so much to live for

Then there is me. Just me. Barely holding on.

Casually stressing out 

Published October 19, 2015 by radicalmermaid

today the year 12s had there “last” official day of school. the whole day was basically assembly’s so it was a long but I didn’t have to think too much.

Now I’m casually dying because I’ve just realised how much homework I have. AHHHHHH. Last night I stayed up till 1:00am finishing my stupid goddamn English assignment. UGHH AND GUESS WHAT? my teacher extended the due date. FML

Tomorrow I have a science prac due, Wednesday I have a math project and then Thursday I have a math test THAT I WILL FAIL AHHHH


I’m drowning in homework…

Expectations vs Reality: weekends   

Published October 16, 2015 by radicalmermaid

so every weekend I have an “expectation” planned out in my head it kinda goes something like this….

I would start the day healthy and go for a run

After that I would finish my homework ( of course in my head I make myself have hardly any homework)

Then I would receive an unexpected text message (one of my favourite things) inviting  me to this really fun party

I would of course say yes, and have the time of my life

At the party I would meet some super cool people and a really nice guy (don’t know if those exist anymore)

I would go home smiling and wake up the next morning with 8 new text messages from the people I just meet

haha what am I kidding this is a  fantasy.. Things never turn out how you plan them.  Sometimes I create myself something’s that only happens in the movies. I don’t need any new friends though I have all my internet friends! 


okay well this is the reality of my weekend…

I would wake up around ten ( more like my parents force me to wake up)

Then I would stay in bed, on my iPad or reading or whatever

Realising I have mountains and mountains of homework I get all my work out

Then I stare at my work for a couple hours doing nothing

Realising I’m hungry I will go get lunch ( still in my Pyjamas)

I would give up on homework and go watch Netflix

After what I think is only a couple hours of watching I look up at the time and realise it’s 1:00am (whoops)

Deciding upon myself another couple hours of binge watching American TV shows won’t hurt I click next episode

I check my phone to see if maybe possibly so one texted me ( haha you guessed it no)

Then I go to sleep and wake up repeating all the same things as the day before

Yes I know my real life is so interesting

Anyways baii

Why are organising birthday parties so stressful 

Published October 12, 2015 by radicalmermaid

well today all the plans I’ve been making for my birthday kinda died. I mean my birthday is in December but  because it’s near Christmas it’s hard to plan something where majority of people are free, so this year I decided to make plans SUPER EARLY. I planned to go hire a beach house and stay near the ocean for a couple days. So I clearly told my friends the exact dates and everything.BUT NO APPARENTLY MY BIRTHDAY DOESNT MATTER. because they planned to do something, THE EXACT WEEKEND I PLANNED MY PARTY. When they invited me is was like ” sorry I can’t come, that was the weekend I kinda planned my birthday party, looks like you guys aren’t coming” they were like ” oh shit we forgot” ugh. I’ve always felt kinda like an outside you know? Like I don’t fit it properly.  They kinda just proved my theory. and the worst thing is they won’t even change there plans. When I found out, I literally threw my iPad to the floor and burst out crying, I mean nothing new I cry at lot. But it just made my feel crap inside. Ugh looks like I will be spending my birthday with my family again.

My teenage life is totally adverage