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Kris Kringle Mishaps 

Published November 29, 2015 by radicalmermaid

THREE DAYS TILL SCHOOL FOR 2015 FINISHES, YASSSS. I can not put into words on how ready I am for the holidays. Anyway so tomorrow all my friends organised to do a Kris Kringle and here’s the thing I haven’t got my present yet… It’s currently 2:17pm Sunday afternoon and I have no idea what to do AHHH. I’ve decided to result to chocolates so me and my mum were searching for a box of chocolates we could regift.. Obviously no luck. I also thought about going down the streets to get something quickly but since I live in a isolated county town all the shops close Sunday afternoon, just my luck I know. So guess what? I have to wake earlier than I usually do so I can quickly rush down the street before I get on my bus. The bus leaves at 7:15 ugh so I’ve got to leave home at 6:30 to make everything in time,

*sighs* why do I leave everything to the last dying minutes


It’s beginning  to feel a lot like Christmas 

Published November 25, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Okay okay I admit that name was a bit cheesy but can you believe it in exactly one month it’s going to be Christmas!!! YASSS! I’m actually so ready like now I have a justified reason to play my Christmas music in the house on full blast. In the spirt of Christmas I’ve started to decorate my room Christmassy. My mum was like ” what are you doing with your life it’s not even Christmas” but in just a couple days it will be December and that’s a good enough reason for me to call it Christmas. Also my birthdays coming up on the 18th of December! AND I GET TO GO TO QUEENSLAND. WHOO it’s going to be super hot but i don’t care I’ll hopefully get a nice tan. Key word in that sentence hopefully. 
Ugh but before Christmas I have 5 days of school left. OMG 5 DAYS. AHH. I. CANT.EVEN.

Year 10 here I come..

Published November 22, 2015 by radicalmermaid

So I just realised tomorrow I’m starting year 10! No more lazing around doing nothing in year 9 but ACTUAL YEAR 10. I AM NOT READY FOR THIS, IM ONLY A CHILD!!! Ahh and I don’t even know the part of the campus where all the year 10 classes are. I’m GoNNa bE sOoo lOst. Two days ago I got my year 10 timetable and all my friends were discussing what classes there in. I HAVE NO CLASSES WITH ANYONE!! I’m just going to be that kid that sits on a table by themselves not talking to anyone. And if you know me I LOVE to talk, like I Don’t stop talking.

I’m starting to feel really nervous now AHHH. And now we have homeroom with the year 11s and 12s and there all gonna be looking at us like intrudes

Anywayy if I think about it anymore I’m going to explode

Pfff yeah this is just my adverage white girl problems

Three day quote challenge: day 2 

Published November 16, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Hola everyone! So this my day 2 quote//

I think this is so true. For me personally it takes me awhile to warm up to people. Like starting a new school this year I was a bit of a ‘glow stick’. I was quite shy at the start and didn’t really trust people, which  is completely common and I think a lot of people aren’t comfortable around people to start with

Hope you have a good day xx

Three day quote challenge: day 1 

Published November 16, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Hai y’all! So I’ve been nominated for the three day quote challenge by the lovely Luna and Arielle  . If you haven’t seen their blogs I recommend checking them out!
So the rules are..

1. Thank the person who nominated you (thanks again girls💖)

2. Post a quote for three consecutive days

3. Nominate three other bloggers for this tag
Okay so today’s quote:

I think this quote is so true, if you spend time waiting for the perfect moments you will be waiting a long time. You can make these perfect moments in your life. I am guilty of putting of talking to people and “waiting”. I think it’s something I need to work on because there’s no time like the present, right.
Hope you all have a good Monday xx

Exam update: 

Published November 9, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Hey y’all so while I’m suppose to be studying for exams I’m here writing a blog post. So today I had my math and RE exams. Haha yeah I know RE I kinda just guess most of the stuff. Anyway you know when you have those days where just everything goes wrong? Well that was literally me today. And can I tell you it’s the worst to have one of those days the day of your math exam or any exam for that matter. So in the morning I woke up late and nearly missed the bus. Lucky for me the bus stopped of the side of the road. I literally ran up the road hair not done up, shoes not tied and blazer swung on my shoulder. And guess what when I get on the bus, about half way to school I realise I left my summary sheets at home!! Basically in our math exam we can bring 3 pieces of paper with any equations you many need. I stayed up late Sunday night finishing them of, and yeah I forget them. Great I know. Ugh and I’m frekaing out about getting my results back for math because I KNOW I failed or came close to it. I MEAN I DIDNT EVEN FINISH THE TEST UGHH

Oh btw I’ve been nominated for a couple things so I will get on to that after my exams 🙃