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New Years wait a minute 

Published December 31, 2015 by radicalmermaid

omg okay 6 hours till the New Years. Here in Australia it’s bloody hot like you can see the sweat coming off my face ugh. It’s actually the worst. So right now I’m waiting for my mum to finish getting ready for the New Years party we are suppose to be going to. I mean currently we are 40mins late but no biggy, I mean the party’s 45 minutes away so I’m calling arriving 1hour and 25+ minutes fashionably late, okay? Okay. It’s actually pretty good for my family usually we are REALLY LATE or never even end up arriving whoops 😅. 

Okay since I have time I decided to try and take a picture of what I’m wearing ugh I’m actually so bad at along photos of myslef unless it’s on my friends iPads and I’m spamming them 😂 ( sorry Georgia if your reading this) maybe that should be my New Years resolution you never know. 

Anyway here’s what I’m wearinggg 

   I’m pretty sure the dress is from H&M and the shoes ( which you cannot see) are from rubi buuut tbh I’m more of a”buy my clothes from op shop girl” 



I’ll update you on the party..until then wish me luck xx 



OMG 100!!! 

Published December 30, 2015 by radicalmermaid

  Guys…guys……GUYS.. I JUST REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS LIKE HOW EVEN!!?? Omg you don’t realise how happy I am! THIS IS THE LAST DAY FOR 2015 AND I JUST GOT 100. Umm I don’t even know how this is happening. Like 100. Individual people. Follow me. Thankyou all soooo much! 
^^ haha wow you can tell I’m really excited. But I mean when I started this blog 108 days ago (haha sorry to lazy to figure out how many months) I did NOT expect to be here on the 31st of December to have 100 followers. Like I can’t even understand why people read my pointless and poor written blogs. 

But you all have been a big support so thankyouuuuu!! Ahh I cannot wipe this big smile off my face omg. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU 

anyway I better go my mum is really angry for some reason, probably New Years stress. NOTHING WILL RUIN THIS DAY 

Karli xx 

2016? What 

Published December 30, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Omgodness it’s going to be 2016 in just a couple days. I AM NOT READY. I keep seeing all these post about New Years resolutions and what not, umm and I haven’t even thought about them! Ugh like a feel sick thinking about 2016. It’s like a big and scary number. Okay I’m TRYING to stay positive I mean I like being optimistic about things but this is something that scares me. 

2015 was a great year I mean ups and downs like each year is, but mostly good. the start of the year wasn’t the best for me, I started a new school and felt like a complete outsider. But ever since I started this blog things have got better. I mean it didn’t matter to me that hardly anyone read my blog at the start because it was somewhere I just wrote all my thoughts. 

Pfff I feel like everyone is prepared for 2016 but me. my life is a mess. My rooms a mess. I haven’t done any of my homework ( yes my stupid teachers gave me homework over summer holiday!). I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Aaaaand I’m seeing some friends I haven’t seen for ages on New Years. It’s just gonna be a little awkward because me and this guy I’m seeing had a kinda thing soooo yeah. Awkward. 

I will stop feeling sorry for myself and go attempt to get my room clean before the new year *key word, attempt*. Hope everyone has a fabulous couple of days before 2016! (Ugh eveytime I here that I get butterflies in my tummy) 

Karli xx

new Instagram// 

Published December 28, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Hey guys so I decided to make an Instagram account for this blog so I can talk to people and stuff. So if y’all have Instagram you should follow me, I mean ATM it’s looking pretty sad but just keep in mind I made it three days ago. 

Oh and if you haven’t already follow me on my other social medias 

Instagram: w0nderlanding 

Twitter: midniightdream 

Kik: bundleberry 

Tumblr: karlijoy  

It’s nearly ……. Christmas!! 

Published December 24, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Omg omg omg okay I cannot control my excitement in exactly half and hour it will be Christmas!!! Ahh I’m so ready. I know this sounds clique but it felt like yesterday it was the start of 2015.. But now we are coming to the end and I’m getting scared. I mean ME Karli is going to be in year 10 I am so not ready 

But anyway back to Christmas YASS . This post is basically just to let you all know how excited I am I mean I tried talking to all my friends but they are NOT in the Christmas spirit talk about Debbie downers. Like today I sent all my friends festive snapchats to at least try to get them in the mood and a lot sent back things like… I’m not ready for Christmas… Or…. It will be boring… Or…. I’m just going to sleep all day so it will be like every other day. I MEAN COMMON GUYS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. CHRISTMAS COMES ONCE A BLOODY YEAR AT LEAST TRY TO BE EXCITED 

Maybe it’s just because I’m a kid at heart but Christmas is my all time favourite season… I JUST CANT BELIEVE ITS GOING TO COME AND GO. my heart is literally beating so fast I can’t wait for my brother to wake me up at 5am and we both rush out to see if santas left any presents then we go jump on our parents bed but they just shush us away so we stare at our presents for like 2 hours . Then my dad will get out his camera to make “Christmas memories” and I always look disgusting because I haven’t bothered changing out of my pyjamas which right now is one of my dads all soccer tops that is like a dress on me and a messy bun. BUT I DONT CARE BECAUSE ITS CHRITMAS AND IM HAPPY 

AHH I just wasted 10minutes typing this sooooo ONLY 20MINUTES TO GO 


Karli xx

My birthday! 

Published December 19, 2015 by radicalmermaid

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been super busy. Yesterday it was my birthday and I think it’s safe to say BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I mean I won’t got into all the details but it was amazing. Also this year for my birthday I got so many people saying happy birthday to me!  like even people I hardly talk to but just have them as a contact sent me a message it was really nice.

 Today I’m having half my Christmas early. I know it’s not the same feels and Christmas morning but I’m that means I get Christmas twice so YAS. And the food UGHH I can’t wait for the food. I’m so ready. 

Oh and yesterday I meet sponge bob, so now my life is complete 

Karli c: