The life of an adverage teenage girl aka me

Published April 18, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hello world, this is meeee ( did anyone else watch the saddle club)

ANYWAY I’m here to talk about my adverage life. Okay well yeah not the most interesting topic but you know it’s the best I could come up with on a Monday night while watching my kitchen rules.

So when I say my life is adverage I guess it’s not your typical “adverage”. I don’t go out to parties every weekend drinking and hooking up with guys. Not that that’s a bad thing I mean it’s just I’ve never even kissed anyone! Oh yes I’m the Virgin Mary. But I mean the adverage where I slave to late hours trying to finish homework, work 10 hours a week for low pay, have friend drama and try to do the best to not to kill my brother

I mean being adverage is not bad, I just hate how society puts you on a popularity level. Like have you noticed even before the first day of high school is over you already know who the popular people are like what!!

But anyway my brain is dead and I still have like years of homework



25 comments on “The life of an adverage teenage girl aka me

  • Saddle club was my favourite! Don’t let homework stress you out, I can always do a Katniss Everdeen and volunteer to do it for you. As for work tell them that I said you need a pay rise or else (hopefully that’ll help 😂) xx

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