It’s my fault. 

Published April 29, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hey, guess who’s back?
So this week has been a pretty shit week to say the least. And I mean I only had three days of school because Anzac pubic holidays but those three days have left me in tears everyday after school.

I fucking hate girl drama.
Okay let me explain to you guys because I really need to get it all out
So we had a really tight group of five of us. It was me and my really good friend from a while with three other girls we have come really close with recently
Anyway my friend from ages got into a misunderstood fight with one of the other girls that spilt the group in half. I was kinda in the middle but because I had soccer training and production at lunchtimes I didn’t have much time to decide who to hang out with. Anyway long story short the girl who I’ve been friends with for ages pushed my away and stopped talking to me. I guess it was partly my fault I mean when I went and asked why she hated me she said I didn’t stand up for her. But I’m the biggest scaredy cat and I don’t like fights or confrontation. I didn’t know she needed standing up for. I wasn’t even sure what was happening but no from one stupid mistake I’ve made i have lost so many friends.

you don’t even know how horrible it is to see people you called your friends last week glare at you in the hallway. I just wanna crawl up in a corner and cry. But I can’t,
She told me she didn’t want to be friends. I lost so many of my friends just because I didn’t pick a side properly. I just want to all be friends again bug that won’t happen. Last night I cried to my mum. It was pathetic but I really didn’t want to go to school today
hope everyone’s day is better than mine..


12 comments on “It’s my fault. 

  • If you think it’s your entire fault, it’s not. You stood up for yourself and didn’t want to be involved in the entire fight, which personally I would do as well. As Hideaway Girl said, explain your side of the story and maybe your friend will reconsider her “hate” of you. And just tell her that you weren’t entirely sure of what was happening and would stand up for her. I believe that she cut you off too easily – it was one mistake. Just ONE. And she should hear you out before she shuts off everything. If she doesn’t, then I know it’s difficult, but you need to leave her be. Hang out with the other girls in your group, or if you have any friends outside of your circle, hang with them.
    I really hope things get better for you soon Karli, and if I wasn’t in another city I’d give you a huge hug 🙂 I hate girl drama as well – it fucking sucks.

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  • Okay I’m sure you already read this two times already but it wasn’t your fault. Your “friends” are being selfish for making you choose in the first place and it wasn’t their place to hate on you just because you didn’t play into their petty little games. I understand that it is hard to see your friends fight and even harder to see the group breaking apart but I think you should try to take the high road and explain where you’re coming from because I hate confrontation also. I know it’s not going to be easy but if she still is being a baby about it after you explain it to her than she’s not good for you. You need to surround yourself with people who empowers you and are good with staying drama free and quite frankly you’re too good for her or them if they still don’t forgive you. You need to realize that it wasn’t your fault , you didn’t cause the fight and it’s between them to work out not you . You’re not the one in the wrong here so stop feeling bad okay ?
    I’m sorry if this sounds hard but I am not one to sugar coat. I really don’t think it’s your fault and it’s selfish of them to pin everything on you because quite frankly you didn’t do anything to cause the drama
    Stay strong 👌🏿

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  • Oh dear, stay strong! But why do you have to pick a side properly? You’re friends with all 4; not 1! Must hurt like this – I’ve been in one before I hated it so dam much. Two of my friends stopped sitting with us and they kept on dragging people with them, including me, trying to get people to join them and agree to hate a particular girl. They know how weak I am against my friends and how I hate conflict. It was so mean, and selfish, and so dam unreasonable.

    I honestly don’t think it’s your fault: you’re part of the group but sometimes, it doesn’t include you in the ‘group fight.’ I hope you get what I mean.

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  • Hey Karli, your friend needs to understand that if you didn’t fully get what was going she should have told you. I understand what your going through and it’s horrible. Honestly, if she isn’t speaking to you because you didn’t stick up for her, she needs to understand that this isn’t your fight. This is something the girl and your friend need to work out, not you, your friend, and the other girl. I hope she sees through this and tries to work things out.


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