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high school musical jamse

Published May 22, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Together, together, together….. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHERRRR 🎤🎤

Anyway sorry for that random outburst I’m currently listening to that song and getting inspiration. Legit 5minutes ago I was standing in my bed dancing and lip singing… Look if anyone saw I would probably be embarrassed but you know what I had fun. I’m not a normal 15 year old girl I’m different- MY LIFE IS TOTALLY ADVERge

ohmygod I forgot to tell you I got invited to three parties this weekend, THREE REAL PARTIES. like more than 50 people kinda popular parties. Me. The weird and socially awkward one. I was so happy, but guess what? Of course with my luck I wasn’t able to go to none of them.. All because it was my cousin 18th birthday and stupid work. I mean my cousin party was really wild so it was kinda fun and I meet this really nice guys BUT still my other parties :((

oH well I got no homework done this weekend and exams and next week lol I’m gonna fail. I have so MANY assignments this week and I wanna cry because + exam revision. Ughh and this weekend I’m working both Saturday and Sunday so COOL no exam time,

I love being me

anYway you probably didn’t need to hear me ranting sorry haha I got a bit carried away

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and for all the people on my side of the world I hope you survive your Monday!!


Let’s talk TV shows 

Published May 19, 2016 by radicalmermaid

so even though exams are slowly coming up I’ve been watching more TV shows then ever. Weird how that works huh?

Anyway I’m in the mood to chat about TV shows, kinda random but that all I’ve got at the moment give me a break ahah

Anyway I probably watch weird shows compared to anyone else
– the walking dead ( omg I’m up to date and waiting for the next episode to come out it’s gonna kill me!)

– friends ( I mean who doesn’t love friends )

– the 100 ( I think I’m like 4 episodes behind)

– Gilmore girls ( I really love this show)

– heartland ( another great series, I mean not many people have heard of this though)

– gossip girl ( you know you love it xoxo)

– dance moms ( I love my reality tv okay)

– teen wolf (hot guys… That’s all I need to say)

– arrow

– once upon a time ( haven’t watched it in a while but I love it!)

Okay well that’s all I’ve got for now

Things that make me happy 

Published May 16, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Helllooooooooo what is up. I know I have been really inactive but I’m making it my personal mission to read everyone’s posts and keep posting myslef, I mean not that my life is interesting but it is a really good stress reliever. Expecially because it’s exams season and I’m going to be super stressed

So here are all the things on the top of my head that make me happy:

– sunshine

-old couples

-new book smell

– the sound of the ocean

– friendly people

– late night text conversations

– long hugs

– small gestures

– bare feet on grass

-horse riding

– dancing freely

-bush walks

– school excursions

– good exam results

– a really good movie or book

– cute photos

– birthday messages

-happy children

– a new bra

– my best friends

– buying new stuff

– when my pay comes in :))

– fresh air

– family time

-working on the farm

– over sized sweaters

– cold weather and warm fires

And that’s all I can think of at the moment

Love you all

formal shopping 

Published May 10, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hey hey hey

So right now in the confines of my room I have brought it upon myslef to go formal shopping. I mean legit 95% of the girls in my year level have found the prefect dress and are posting it online like “no one get this please” and I’m like wow okay I need to get my act together


Dress/ jumpsuit


Simple/ sequenced

One piece/ two piece

Simple/ classy

Black/ white
Ughhhhh so many thoughts in my head. Too many.

And lol I have so much homework due that I haven’t even done. I even have two SACS on Thursday that I haven’t even studied for so yay me