high school musical jamse

Published May 22, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Together, together, together….. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHERRRR 🎤🎤

Anyway sorry for that random outburst I’m currently listening to that song and getting inspiration. Legit 5minutes ago I was standing in my bed dancing and lip singing… Look if anyone saw I would probably be embarrassed but you know what I had fun. I’m not a normal 15 year old girl I’m different- MY LIFE IS TOTALLY ADVERge

ohmygod I forgot to tell you I got invited to three parties this weekend, THREE REAL PARTIES. like more than 50 people kinda popular parties. Me. The weird and socially awkward one. I was so happy, but guess what? Of course with my luck I wasn’t able to go to none of them.. All because it was my cousin 18th birthday and stupid work. I mean my cousin party was really wild so it was kinda fun and I meet this really nice guys BUT still my other parties :((

oH well I got no homework done this weekend and exams and next week lol I’m gonna fail. I have so MANY assignments this week and I wanna cry because + exam revision. Ughh and this weekend I’m working both Saturday and Sunday so COOL no exam time,

I love being me

anYway you probably didn’t need to hear me ranting sorry haha I got a bit carried away

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and for all the people on my side of the world I hope you survive your Monday!!


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