The life of an adverage teenage girl aka me

Published April 18, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hello world, this is meeee ( did anyone else watch the saddle club)

ANYWAY I’m here to talk about my adverage life. Okay well yeah not the most interesting topic but you know it’s the best I could come up with on a Monday night while watching my kitchen rules.

So when I say my life is adverage I guess it’s not your typical “adverage”. I don’t go out to parties every weekend drinking and hooking up with guys. Not that that’s a bad thing I mean it’s just I’ve never even kissed anyone! Oh yes I’m the Virgin Mary. But I mean the adverage where I slave to late hours trying to finish homework, work 10 hours a week for low pay, have friend drama and try to do the best to not to kill my brother

I mean being adverage is not bad, I just hate how society puts you on a popularity level. Like have you noticed even before the first day of high school is over you already know who the popular people are like what!!

But anyway my brain is dead and I still have like years of homework



Cries slowly

Published April 7, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hey everyone sorry again that I haven’t really been active on my blog, I’m trying to post at least once a week which I know is pretty sad but I just have a lot on.

Oh and also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but a couple weeks ago I reached 250 followers! You guys are amazing I love you all xxxxxxxx

Anyway I came to a shocking realisation that I only have three days left of the holiday *cries* it actually makes me so sad. And today is the only day I properly have off because I’m working both Saturday and Sunday all day. I’m kinda nervous to go to work because I haven’t been for I think a week because I’ve been doing a lot of online training so I’m hoping I still know what to do and it’s not too awkward

Hope everyone’s had a good holiday/ school/ whatever else



Published March 28, 2016 by radicalmermaid

So recently I have been seeing a lot of these on social media, like “like for a tbh or whatever” I think in a way they are kinda stupid but in some ways they can be really nice and brighten up your day…

So I though that I would do a tbh on my blog.. Don’t know if it will work so bare with me! Leave a comment for a tbh, basically if I read your blog regularly it’s going to be more personal but if I don’t know you that well it’s okay I will check out your blog, read a few posts!

I know this is stupid guys I’m sorry I’m running out of good blogging material…

So comment down below if you would like a tbh 🙂


Happy Easter :)) 

Published March 27, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hey guys this will be a short post but I wanted to wish you all a happy Easter and a fantastic holiday( if you have them)

May you eat all the chocolate and have all the laughs

Love ya all


Back at it again 

Published March 25, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hey y’all 🙂 I missed everyone

IM FINALY ON TERM 1 HOLIDAYS YAS. You don’t even know how happy I am. Only downside is I have literally truckloads of homework coming in

But to make matters worse I legit only have like two days free in the holidays. Hell no am I doing my homework in my only free days

Like who knew I would be so busy? Four days before the holidays I was free like EVERY SINGLE DAY. Fast forward to one day into the holidays and sooo many people have texted me to catch up. Tbh i can’t be stuffed with everyone, but if I wanna make friends I have to get out more. I would be happy home alone walking around with no pants on.

But it’s Easter tomorrow, so I get some chocolate yassss

Oh and btw guys some reason it’s coming up that I’m not following anyone’s blogs 😦 so sorry if you got a random unfollow I don’t know how to fix the problem

Surf camp🌊

Published March 16, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hey guyssss, I just came back from surf camp

Three words… it was perfect

I haven’t done much surfing in the past but I fell in love with it. The rush of catching a wave is actually amazing. We also did sea kayaking…. It was scary at first but it turned out really good

For sea kayaking we partnered up, girl boy… That was interesting. Me and my partner capsized like 20 times but but the end we were laughing so hard.

I guess it was really good because I got to know so many new people

Anyway last night we slept 4 girls in a 2 man tent,.. So it was squishy to say the least. Yeah we got like 30mins sleep. Not even joking. So I’m actually going to collapse

Cyaa XX

Long weekends// 

Published March 13, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hay y’all

How’s everyone’s long weekend been going? I mean if you have one I’m not sure. Mine has been pretty good I hung out with my older cousin most of the weekend which was really good, I’ve always wanted an older sister and she’s kinda became mine,

The funniest thing happened, well it probably wants that funny but we went on a bush walk and we took her dog, along the way we heard this weird sound so we went to see what it was. Turns out there was about 30 mountain goats, yes mountain goats haha you know the ones with the long curved horns

We seriously did not expect it, and of course the dog was playing with them it was hilarious, here is a photo

Anyway hope everyone’s well sorry I’ve kinda been distant lately I’ve been so busy, like all the sudden everyone’s asking me to go out

But I’m always here if you wanna talk to me, the socially awkward, over enthusiastic teenage girl