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Published April 1, 2018 by radicalmermaid


I don’t know if anyone still uses this but hey what’s up hello

I missed posting blogs so I guess here I am :)))

Hope everyone is doing well xox lots of love

p.s happy Easter/ April fools day


Things that make me happy 

Published May 16, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Helllooooooooo what is up. I know I have been really inactive but I’m making it my personal mission to read everyone’s posts and keep posting myslef, I mean not that my life is interesting but it is a really good stress reliever. Expecially because it’s exams season and I’m going to be super stressed

So here are all the things on the top of my head that make me happy:

– sunshine

-old couples

-new book smell

– the sound of the ocean

– friendly people

– late night text conversations

– long hugs

– small gestures

– bare feet on grass

-horse riding

– dancing freely

-bush walks

– school excursions

– good exam results

– a really good movie or book

– cute photos

– birthday messages

-happy children

– a new bra

– my best friends

– buying new stuff

– when my pay comes in :))

– fresh air

– family time

-working on the farm

– over sized sweaters

– cold weather and warm fires

And that’s all I can think of at the moment

Love you all

Long weekends// 

Published March 13, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hay y’all

How’s everyone’s long weekend been going? I mean if you have one I’m not sure. Mine has been pretty good I hung out with my older cousin most of the weekend which was really good, I’ve always wanted an older sister and she’s kinda became mine,

The funniest thing happened, well it probably wants that funny but we went on a bush walk and we took her dog, along the way we heard this weird sound so we went to see what it was. Turns out there was about 30 mountain goats, yes mountain goats haha you know the ones with the long curved horns

We seriously did not expect it, and of course the dog was playing with them it was hilarious, here is a photo

Anyway hope everyone’s well sorry I’ve kinda been distant lately I’ve been so busy, like all the sudden everyone’s asking me to go out

But I’m always here if you wanna talk to me, the socially awkward, over enthusiastic teenage girl

Good life 2016

Published February 21, 2016 by radicalmermaid

OMG okay so last night I went to good life


I want to go back tonight

Everyone was just letting loose and having funning the whole vibe was amazing.

My favourite artist that played would have to be timmy trumpet Darwin and A$AP rocky.  THEY WERE SO GOOD I WISH I COULD FILM THE WHOLE THING

OMG and we went into a foam pit and got drenched

Oh and I meet tyde Levi whoooo. So according to Georgia we have technically hugged troye Sivan.

Here are some photo because y’all deserve to see how amazing it was

So before the concert started we waited in line for nearly an hour



200 follower Q&A part 2

Published February 15, 2016 by radicalmermaid

I’m backkk with part 2 whoooo 
Grace 2610:

Favourite city? 

Well I haven’t really been to many city’s other than the ones in Australia so my favourite IN AUSTRALIA is probably Melbourne or Brisbane 

Favourite colour? 
PURPLEEEE 💜😈👚🌷🌸☂🍇🌌🔮✝

If you could only have one food and one drink for the rest of your life what would it be? 
Pizza of course!!! Aaaand for my drink probably berry smoothies because I’m just that great

Blog recommendations? 
Okay I don’t exactly know how you want me to answer this buuut I’m just gonna to say what I like in a blog? Okay? Okay. 

I love when blogs can connect to the readers. You know when the write about stuff that everyone goes through, When they write from something that comes from the heart 
Favourite Spotify playlist? 

Okay this MAY sound cheesy but my favourite playlist would have to be this on called ALL DISNEY SONGS , and you guessed it its all the Disney songs Yass 


Favourite posts to write? 

I’ll love writing just those random post that you just come up with and you HAVE to write it as soon as you think of it 
Funniest joke/ pun you have heard? 

Since I have the memory of a goldfish I don’t remember many, but as a blogger I constantly feel Cold, probably because I surrounded by drafts….. *silence* 

How many blogs are you following: 

182 amazing people’s ✌🏼️✌🏼

Your favourite social media app? 
Probably Instagram I love all the photos

Saara, not just that fangirl: 

What’s your dream destination? 

Europe! I want to see and experience all the old building and artefacts


Would you even play slender man/ 5 nights of Freddie’s in the dark? 
Haha I’ve actually done this before., but i nearly died soo.. Nah not again 
Who’s your favourite music artist? ( please say the answer in pig Latin) 

Emily you come up with some of the weirdest but coolest questions! Okay so my answer was -Away ayday otay ememberray- I don’t know if this is right I used an online translator 😛


200 followers Q&A: part 1

Published February 13, 2016 by radicalmermaid

WHOO so here is FINALLY my Q&A questions for 200 followers! If you have anymore questions please leave them below as I will do part two later 

Sally duck: 

Do you watch any to series? If so which? 
Ummm I watch HEAPS of shows like not even kidding. Netflix is my Bae of course. So at the moment the main shows I’ve been watching is once upon a time, the walking dead, reign and the 100 

Who’s your favourite person ever? 
Hmmmm… Maybe the queen? Or the person who made the worlds largest pizza? But I KNOW who isn’t my favourite person *cough cough* Georgia 

Favourite artist? 
Arctic monkeys, a day to remember, Halsey, 21 pilots 

Relationship status? 
*laughs for ten minutes* 

Favourite thing about myself? 

Uhhhhh my personality? I guess I’m always happy and I like positivity in my life 
Ella rose: 

First thing you said this year? 

I did the whole cliche countdown thing and yelled “HAPPY NEW YEAR” 

First thing you said when you reached 200 followers? 

Why would that many people follow me lol 

Fav song ATM? 

I’m really liking Zayns new song pillowtalk. 

Most thrilling thing you have done in your life? 
OHHH!! This is a hard one… Probably snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, it was sooo pretty! 

Do you want to write a book? 
Yes omg! I have already started writing, I MIGHT even post a bit of what I’ve done… Idk maybe 

Who’s your otp:
This is such a hard one!! My true fangirl self is coming out… I ship SO many people like I can’t choice one. Actually my friend Georgia and…. Jason ;))

What inspired the name radicalmermaid? 

Well I’ve heard it yearsss ago, but when I was like 12 I use to call myself “cewlmermaid”, yup cool I know, so I guess my 12 year old self inspired me 
Okaaay thanks everyone again for 200!! I will post part to vv soon xx

Supportive blogger award

Published February 6, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Thankyou so much for Luna for tagging me in this. If you haven’t already seen lunas blog please go check it out she is amazing!! 

The rules: 

1) Thankyou whoever tagged you and add their link in your blog 

2) thank 5-10 bloggers who have supported you recently or throughout your blogging career, also leave their links to there blog 

3) you can also put the person who tagged you if you feel they have been supportive 

4) write a paragraph to each blogger on how they were supportive! 

5) tell them to participate in the tag!! 
Okay so before I start you have all been so supportive to me but these are people who always check up with me, leave wonderful comments and message me back all the time, so Thankyou so much! 

Insearchofmyspark: since my first blog post you have always been there. I know you don’t blog as much anymore but you still always check up on me and I appreaciate you for that xx 
Arielle: you have been so amazing! Always commenting and checking up on me. We have had some great conversations about the walking dead or other random stuff😂 love you! so glad everything’s going well for you xx

Emiwee: you are literally amazing! Your comments make me smile all the time! Your ma fav Aussie blogging buddy, love ya xx

Ambi: ambi bambi!! You have been amazing! You always know what to say xx 

Notsoanonymousmermaid: your only a new blogging friend to me but you’ve been amazing! Thankyou for everything you’ve done xx 
Em: I don’t know how you do it but you always say or post the right thing. You are so talented and understand everyone so well xx 
Reine: you have been amazing! You’re always so kind and sweet xx 
Georgia: EW Georgia. Nah I love you alcohol  aunt. You literally look after me xx you have always been so understanding, love ya xx 

Luna: I felt like I needed to include you because you have been super supportive. Thankyou for everything xx 

Okaaythen: Thankyou for all your amazing comments and support xx 
I wish I could do more but that’s 10!! Thankyou to everyone who has ever commented on my blog xx