okay it’s official I’m over exams 

Published June 2, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Heyyyyyyy guys 

So I’m in the middle of exams at the moment so I’ve been super busy studding, working and  everything in between 

I’ve had four exams so far and I only have three to go! So whoo half way there 

Tomorrow at 8:15 I have a bio exam ugh literally BYEology because I’m out 

I mean fingers crossed I actually past because the exams I’ve done so far I’ve literally done so bad

I had my English exam today and it went for two hours because we had to write two essays. Some of you are probably like wow that’s so easy but my tiny brain can barely focus for 20mins let alone 2 hours

And you know exam rooms are so awkward like when you need to cough you don’t want to do it because you know it will be loud. Like even when I need to turn the page it’s like a fricken Sunami just travels through the room 
Okayy so I’m probably talking jibberish but I just spent the last three hours studying so I’m out 

Bai xx 

high school musical jamse

Published May 22, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Together, together, together….. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHERRRR 🎤🎤

Anyway sorry for that random outburst I’m currently listening to that song and getting inspiration. Legit 5minutes ago I was standing in my bed dancing and lip singing… Look if anyone saw I would probably be embarrassed but you know what I had fun. I’m not a normal 15 year old girl I’m different- MY LIFE IS TOTALLY ADVERge

ohmygod I forgot to tell you I got invited to three parties this weekend, THREE REAL PARTIES. like more than 50 people kinda popular parties. Me. The weird and socially awkward one. I was so happy, but guess what? Of course with my luck I wasn’t able to go to none of them.. All because it was my cousin 18th birthday and stupid work. I mean my cousin party was really wild so it was kinda fun and I meet this really nice guys BUT still my other parties :((

oH well I got no homework done this weekend and exams and next week lol I’m gonna fail. I have so MANY assignments this week and I wanna cry because + exam revision. Ughh and this weekend I’m working both Saturday and Sunday so COOL no exam time,

I love being me

anYway you probably didn’t need to hear me ranting sorry haha I got a bit carried away

Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow and for all the people on my side of the world I hope you survive your Monday!!

Let’s talk TV shows 

Published May 19, 2016 by radicalmermaid

so even though exams are slowly coming up I’ve been watching more TV shows then ever. Weird how that works huh?

Anyway I’m in the mood to chat about TV shows, kinda random but that all I’ve got at the moment give me a break ahah

Anyway I probably watch weird shows compared to anyone else
– the walking dead ( omg I’m up to date and waiting for the next episode to come out it’s gonna kill me!)

– friends ( I mean who doesn’t love friends )

– the 100 ( I think I’m like 4 episodes behind)

– Gilmore girls ( I really love this show)

– heartland ( another great series, I mean not many people have heard of this though)

– gossip girl ( you know you love it xoxo)

– dance moms ( I love my reality tv okay)

– teen wolf (hot guys… That’s all I need to say)

– arrow

– once upon a time ( haven’t watched it in a while but I love it!)

Okay well that’s all I’ve got for now

Things that make me happy 

Published May 16, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Helllooooooooo what is up. I know I have been really inactive but I’m making it my personal mission to read everyone’s posts and keep posting myslef, I mean not that my life is interesting but it is a really good stress reliever. Expecially because it’s exams season and I’m going to be super stressed

So here are all the things on the top of my head that make me happy:

– sunshine

-old couples

-new book smell

– the sound of the ocean

– friendly people

– late night text conversations

– long hugs

– small gestures

– bare feet on grass

-horse riding

– dancing freely

-bush walks

– school excursions

– good exam results

– a really good movie or book

– cute photos

– birthday messages

-happy children

– a new bra

– my best friends

– buying new stuff

– when my pay comes in :))

– fresh air

– family time

-working on the farm

– over sized sweaters

– cold weather and warm fires

And that’s all I can think of at the moment

Love you all

formal shopping 

Published May 10, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hey hey hey

So right now in the confines of my room I have brought it upon myslef to go formal shopping. I mean legit 95% of the girls in my year level have found the prefect dress and are posting it online like “no one get this please” and I’m like wow okay I need to get my act together


Dress/ jumpsuit


Simple/ sequenced

One piece/ two piece

Simple/ classy

Black/ white
Ughhhhh so many thoughts in my head. Too many.

And lol I have so much homework due that I haven’t even done. I even have two SACS on Thursday that I haven’t even studied for so yay me

It’s my fault. 

Published April 29, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hey, guess who’s back?
So this week has been a pretty shit week to say the least. And I mean I only had three days of school because Anzac pubic holidays but those three days have left me in tears everyday after school.

I fucking hate girl drama.
Okay let me explain to you guys because I really need to get it all out
So we had a really tight group of five of us. It was me and my really good friend from a while with three other girls we have come really close with recently
Anyway my friend from ages got into a misunderstood fight with one of the other girls that spilt the group in half. I was kinda in the middle but because I had soccer training and production at lunchtimes I didn’t have much time to decide who to hang out with. Anyway long story short the girl who I’ve been friends with for ages pushed my away and stopped talking to me. I guess it was partly my fault I mean when I went and asked why she hated me she said I didn’t stand up for her. But I’m the biggest scaredy cat and I don’t like fights or confrontation. I didn’t know she needed standing up for. I wasn’t even sure what was happening but no from one stupid mistake I’ve made i have lost so many friends.

you don’t even know how horrible it is to see people you called your friends last week glare at you in the hallway. I just wanna crawl up in a corner and cry. But I can’t,
She told me she didn’t want to be friends. I lost so many of my friends just because I didn’t pick a side properly. I just want to all be friends again bug that won’t happen. Last night I cried to my mum. It was pathetic but I really didn’t want to go to school today
hope everyone’s day is better than mine..

The life of an adverage teenage girl aka me

Published April 18, 2016 by radicalmermaid

Hello world, this is meeee ( did anyone else watch the saddle club)

ANYWAY I’m here to talk about my adverage life. Okay well yeah not the most interesting topic but you know it’s the best I could come up with on a Monday night while watching my kitchen rules.

So when I say my life is adverage I guess it’s not your typical “adverage”. I don’t go out to parties every weekend drinking and hooking up with guys. Not that that’s a bad thing I mean it’s just I’ve never even kissed anyone! Oh yes I’m the Virgin Mary. But I mean the adverage where I slave to late hours trying to finish homework, work 10 hours a week for low pay, have friend drama and try to do the best to not to kill my brother

I mean being adverage is not bad, I just hate how society puts you on a popularity level. Like have you noticed even before the first day of high school is over you already know who the popular people are like what!!

But anyway my brain is dead and I still have like years of homework


Cries slowly

Published April 7, 2016 by radicalmermaid

hey everyone sorry again that I haven’t really been active on my blog, I’m trying to post at least once a week which I know is pretty sad but I just have a lot on.

Oh and also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but a couple weeks ago I reached 250 followers! You guys are amazing I love you all xxxxxxxx

Anyway I came to a shocking realisation that I only have three days left of the holiday *cries* it actually makes me so sad. And today is the only day I properly have off because I’m working both Saturday and Sunday all day. I’m kinda nervous to go to work because I haven’t been for I think a week because I’ve been doing a lot of online training so I’m hoping I still know what to do and it’s not too awkward

Hope everyone’s had a good holiday/ school/ whatever else



Published March 28, 2016 by radicalmermaid

So recently I have been seeing a lot of these on social media, like “like for a tbh or whatever” I think in a way they are kinda stupid but in some ways they can be really nice and brighten up your day…

So I though that I would do a tbh on my blog.. Don’t know if it will work so bare with me! Leave a comment for a tbh, basically if I read your blog regularly it’s going to be more personal but if I don’t know you that well it’s okay I will check out your blog, read a few posts!

I know this is stupid guys I’m sorry I’m running out of good blogging material…

So comment down below if you would like a tbh 🙂